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Matrix is an ambitious new ecosystem for open federated Instant Messaging and VoIP.

Synapse is a reference "homeserver" implementation of Matrix from the core development team at, written in Python/Twisted for clarity and
simplicity. It is intended to showcase the concept of Matrix and let folks see the spec in the context of a codebase and let you run your own homeserver and generally help bootstrap the ecosystem.

Source Files
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_service 0000000058 58 Bytes
matrix-synapse-cryptography-version.patch 0000001334 1.3 KB
matrix-synapse-older-pillow.patch 0000001098 1.07 KB
matrix-synapse-proper-paths.patch 0000006207 6.06 KB
matrix-synapse-test-paths.patch 0000001317 1.29 KB
matrix-synapse.changes 0000019335 18.9 KB
matrix-synapse.spec 0000007108 6.94 KB
synapse-postgresql.conf 0000000032 32 Bytes
synapse-tmpfile.conf 0000000042 42 Bytes
synapse.service 0000000443 443 Bytes
synapse.sysconfig 0000000837 837 Bytes
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